I still love him?

So last night I just realised that I still love my ex.. it’s coming close to when we started dating and when we broke up.. I feel like such an idiot for still loving him. I need advice on what to do.


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  • You've got to remove him from the pedestal that you've built him so high upon. You have to realize he isn't perfect, not even close.

    Make a list of all the bad qualities about him. And be honest... any thing he did poorly or any way he wronged you. you'll soon realize he's not actually as great as you have convinced yourself that he is.

    Also, you need to realize there are billions of males on this planet. Hundreds of millions of those (at the very least) are bound to be leaps and bounds ahead of him.

    Finally, make a list of all of your positive qualities. Everything you like about yourself, and everything positive that you did for him. You'll be surprised at what a catch you are. And in time, you'll realize you really are better off without him.

    • It’s just he helped me a lot with problems that were going on in my life. He was the only person who made me see my worth in life. I can’t really find anything I like about myself and I know he’s not perfect or anything close to it but I don’t know.. he’s juts the one I want I guess..

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    • How long has it been?

    • In theee months it will be a year

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  • You're 14. You hardly know about love

    • I know I’m 14, I am very aware of that but when you know you know

    • I may hardly know anything but trust I knkw what love is

    • K 🤣

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  • if you still love you should be brave and tell your love.

    • I can’t.. I feel as if I would be pressuring him

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    • i think u make it so difficult. decide to what will you choose your love or your proud

    • Alright

  • Get over it


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