Gone for good? Has my narcissist ex finally settled down and left me alone or can I expect him to resurface?

He had been contacting me for a month and I ignored the texts for a few weeks till I finally didn't, I saw him 3 weeks ago even though he's still with the girl he had been cheating with, but yet tried to have sex and get me to spend the night, when I wouldn't bite I figured he'd go away but he continued to text for several days following just wanted to say hi, but I told him when I saw him I didn't know him and without a conversation to own his he treated me and what he did there was no way to really move forward, at the time he agreed we'd talk but I knew not to hold my breath and sure enough after several days of generic conversation he's disappeared, so is he finally gone for good? I don't want him back but was hoping we could be cordial or friendly, not sure how but optimism I suppose. But seems like he's really thrown himself into this relationship now going places with her, changing his facebook to make it private, getting close to her daughter, and she's latched onto his friends to make her presence, so has he changed and is he gone? Not sure no matter how happy they are I'd be happy if I was her that he was making out with me 3 weeks ago, but she seems to ignore his behaviors.


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  • Why do you allow it?

    • I guess I was hoping on some level he was a decent human being and I had known him on a superficial level for over 10 years so I guess hoping he wasn't a totally scummy person because I'm usually a good judge of character, I would have never expected to be so wrong and treated so poorly but I'm not a hateful person and unlike this chick it's only taken several gfs and however many hookups with other chicks for him to say hey I think you're the one but make out with me a few weeks ago and had sex with me right up till she confirmed he was cheating with her so more shameful for her, i just want to be at a good place with him maybe one day he'd value my humanity and explain why he was so disgusting

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    • No id rather no sex then sex with a scumbag, I'm good. I just hoped maybe there was some good in him

    • I’m sorry

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