Why is it so hard to let go of him?

I don't see my crush for 2 years.

Since there is no chance with him, I try to let go of him but my feelings are still so strong. I tried every possible way I can think of... I focus on other things in life and I tried to date other guys and eventually stopped as I have no interest in them and not fair for them.

Yet, my feelings are so strong for him and my chest is in pain whenever I miss him. And, I feel/sense something whenever he (emotionally) went through something big in his life... although we live thousands of miles away.

I don't know why I like him this much and feel so attached to him when he has no romantic feeling for me.

I'm so... so tired of it and wish to feel free. What can I do? Any kind of advice will be greatly appreciated.


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  • Work towards him, you will find someone else waiting.

    • Hi there... thank you for answering :) I tried dating other guys too but I don't have interest and end up having more emotional mess. Is there any suggestions how I can work towards him?

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    • You're welcome Anon.
      Do I salute you to?

    • I don't deserve any salute yet as I'm still struggling with my feelings and emotions :) Thanks a lot for ur kind words!

What Girls Said 2

  • Try and talk to him or contact him in any way you can (social media and stuff) and tell him your true feelings

    • Hi there... thank you for answering :) He kind of knows my feelings when we were around each other but shows that he doesn't like me and end up (kinda) hating me as I don't get along with a (engaged) woman he's flirting with. So, it's so hard for me to talk to him as I cannot take his cold and (sometimes) mean words :( Is there anything I can do alone?

  • You love him

    • Thank you for your reply. Is there anything I can do to stop it and move on. It's been 2 years and I'm so tired and I want to be happy with someone who loves me back :(

    • Stop love? I don't think so.

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