He was stringing me along and I had enough, so I hurt him?

I fell head over heels over this guy, my first love... i spent a lot on gifts for him.. but when i asked him if he loves me and i want to move with our relationship: he would always say not now, give him time.. i said ok.. at a certain point, after 4 years of friendship... i started looking for more attention.. he would always tell me stop looking for attention or would totally ignore me.. i had enough but i could not break up, although i tried i could not..(i'm very possessive)... one day after he ignored me, i asked him if he thinks he is too handsome? this angered him he replied yes i'm so handsome that i get gfs everyday... i did not replied.. after 5 months he 'dumped' me...''he blocked me on fb but asked me to block him on watsapp'' and got a new girlfriend.. at first i was sad, still a part of me still feel like crying because i have been rejected.. but today when i look back.. i believe it happened for the best However i regret telling him mean stuffs..


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  • Doesn't sound like he was ever into you from the start and just never told you straight

    • i believe so.. he wanted the attention only.. :/

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