My ex girlfriend started being friendly with me?

Alright so it's been about 5 months now since her and I have broken up. She was the one that broke up with me because she needed space.

We are in the gym.

I gave her the space and she seemed a bit upset that I wasn't chasing. She played games but like whatever. I minded my own business and focused on me.

At one point, she was getting really upset that I was talking to a girl, just as a friend. Gave that friend dirty looks and all that kind of stuff.

I got upset that my friend was feeling uncomfortable and ended up blocking her on all social media. Then the next time I saw my ex, she had the most negative attitude I have ever seen. She made it known throughout our friends and was loud about it.

Lately, things have mellowed out. I partnered with her close guy friend last week for a gym training class.

Then, I saw her this week and she teased me about being a bad partner and ends up throwing a playful kick at me. I teased her back at the same time...



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  • maybe the realised he no longer want space n she is subtly saying to you that she wants to go back like you were before... however i will suggest you to ask her about her true intention.


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  • Good thing if you want her back, take it as a positive


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  • Talk to her and find out! And tell her if you already moved on and you only a friend

  • Fuck it why not


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