Super confused and hurt?

I'll try and keep this short. She broke up with me four months ago. Not really sure why. I think at that time our life's were going in different directions. "Some times live just isn't enough" was the phrase she used. Sporadic conversation in between. Months between contact. We were supposed to get a coffee, but she "got busy" and never set a date. Ok fine, I'll move on. Then she asks if I'm ok with where we left things because we are going to see each other at an event for work. I tell her I'm not going and then after a few more exchanges ask her if she wants to get coffee in a few weeks. She says ya, and it would be good to see me. I don't know if this is a good idea. I would want to go to try and start dating again. Not sure what she wants. Any advice? What is she thinking?


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  • You have to let her go. Sounds like she likes you but the feelings are not strong enough. You will always feel anxious if you continue this. You deserve better. Sorry this is happening to you, I know what it feels like. But you need to let her go and accept that only fact as the closure that you need. You can do it.

    • Thanks for the advice. Truthfully I just want to move on, but I find it almost impossible. :/

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