Why do people linger after breaking up with you?

Even if the relationship was very short, why don't they just stay gone?
I get why the one who was dumped lingers as they still wanted it to work but if you dump someone or end it with them, want something different or any reason.. you clearly don't want to be with that person and you already took the initiative to end it. Why prolong the other person's suffering? Especially if you're just using them for sex or something, like how incredibly selfish can they be?

I feel like that's inconsiderate and disrespectful to do to anyone. If you wanted to leave then just leave, if you wanted to stay, then why did you leave?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Because they don't want to let you go

    • But they already did, at least officially. I guess I think that if you really cared for someone you'd put them first and leave them to grieve. I have someone who is lingering which started two weeks after breakup and its been two months now, same monotonous no effort linger. He knows I have feelings and I have tried to let him go but I never expected the breakup and even now I would take him back but its been emotionally and mentally a mindfuck and very draining. I wish he would just let me go.

What Girls Said 1

  • Because they can't accept that they've dumped

    • That makes no sense to me. They clearly wanted out so now they got what they wanted and they still hang around. Even if its with minimal effort, they are there. Especially ones so close to BU (mine started after 2 weeks and its been a little over 2 months now).

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