Why are guys afraid of ending the relationship when they want it to be over?

Sure, the truth is painful. But, I'd appreciate if he would let me know instead of coming up with really good excuses. really. Not only is there no closure, but I have to be psychic. and it gets dragged out painfully longer than it really needed to be.

Ask him? I was about to. He sensed the question impressively, dodged it like a pro, and left.

Why do some guys act this way? Is there a need for this? 'cause I'm not seeing it. I'm not the type to be immature, or yell, or throw hissy fits...so what the heck...


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  • For me, just because I want things to be overwith doesn't mean I don't care about the person anymore and having to inflict that kind of pain on someone is never easy. Maybe my reasons are different than others but I just hate thinking of the pain that it causes and it can wrack me with guilt.

    Not sure why this guy is sidestepping and avoiding things with you though, you seem pretty mellow about the whole thing. Some girls go absolutely insane though, to the point of worrying about them harming themselves in some way.


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  • Why do guys want to end it on a good note? Some women are really dramatic, and that is annoying. The big scene of her screaming and bawling is embarrassing. Furthermore, her crying makes the guy a villian in the public arena.


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  • like I'm immature and throw hissy fits and stops talking when I'm mad...cause I go crazy and cry everywhere if I tell them how I really feel

    but when I do all of that I start crying cause I feel guilty and he starts talking crap and why he hates whatever I'm doing

    then he asks me if I want to break up...the fact that he asks me this makes me wonder if he's the one that wants to break up cause hee mentioned it

    but he just told me its cause he wants to be ready for it so he doesn't get hurt and surprised =o


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