Should you stay friends with an ex?

Okay so me and my ex had a very on and off relationship for about 4 months and then we had a horrible break up and didn't speak for 5 months during which time he met a girl a couple of days after we split up and got engaged to her and broke it off with her. So we've been trying to be friends but I'm not sure if its a good idea, I missed him when we weren't talking but I don't want to feel like I'm being used or disrespected, or leaving myself open to be hurt again and let down. He's very good at knowing what to say to get what he wants but rarely actually backs up what he says or does anything to actually prove it. Also worried that I might get jealous once we start seeing other people, as much as I feel like I'm over him, I still miss what we had so does that mean I'm not over him?

Guess my questions is has anyone else managed to be friends with an ex after a bad relationship and how did it work out?

  • Yes, why shouldn't you be friends, with someone you cared about
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  • No, way too complicated, just move on
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  • Depends, if your over them and if there actually a good friend to have
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  • I became friends with my first love 3 years AFTER we broke up. For 3 years, I ignored her. I needed all the time I could get to flush her out of my system. But still, the most that ex couples can do is just be 'friendly' with each other. If both parties aren't completely over the other person...then its pointless to even be talking.


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