My girlfriend broke up with me because I chose to get paid and photograph a girl as my job?

So I recently picked up photography as a hobby but soon after that I started getting paid. I've managed to do almost 10 paid gigs. Which kills in comparison to my minimum wage job lol. I was on my way back from New York City and is showing one of my clients have his photos turned out on my laptop, and a girl looked at them and asked me if I can do head shots for her because she has an album coming out. I don't do things for free, and if I did I would understand why my girlfriend will get mad, Long story short me and the girl exchanged contact information and talked straightly business. No emoji's nothing flirty whatsoever. I even went out of my way and talked to my girlfriend about it because communication is everything, she simply just told me that it made her feel uncomfortable then I'm taking pictures of another girl, and long story short she said that if I choose this job and to take photos of the girl that she's going to break up with me. Obviously I love her and I care about her, and I can understand where her insecurity could stem from because it's another girl then I'm taking a picture of, but then again I'm getting paid to do this and I don't want to work an extra four hours of my job when I can just do photography for one hour and get paid the same amount. What's also ironic is that in order for her to get home from college she has to ride with a guy she doesn't really know very well for five hours in a car. I didn't like that, but I told her that I understood because it was the only way to see her family for Thanksgiving break. Keep in mind this guy likes her Facebook pictures. I just told her that it's not fair that I can deal with her riding in a car with a stranger for hours, and she can't deal with me doing a one time shoot with someone for only an hour, while I text her, while I am in a public place. Help? Lol
My girlfriend broke up with me because I chose to get paid and photograph a girl as my job?
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