Any help would be appreciated?

So, I know her since school, we were good friends. We dated in college, it was going great, until I did some mistakes I'd regret forever, she asked for my social media passwords nd I bluntly refused, she thought I was cheating but I wasn't. We broke up bad and it's been 6 months, we still talk like friends, since then I've been trying to get her back, yet she ignores me rudely sometimes, it's great when we meet bt on texts she replies in one word, I really don't know what to do except knowing the fact that I can't let her go.

Any suggestions on how I can make her trust again?

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  • I can tell you first hand that trying to salvage a relationship like this will only end in heartache. Everyone, including those those in intimate relationships, are entitled to their privacy. If she ended the relationship simply because you refused to give her your social media passwords, then the relationship was already doomed to begin with. Every relationship requires honesty, trust, and respect. Without these qualities, there's no point in maintaining the relationship. If you had given in to her requests and gave her your passwords, she would have become more and more demanding until she controlled your every move. Better off moving on and finding someone who can trust you.

    • Thanks, it's a lot to think about though.

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