Not announcing break up on instagram? What does that mean?

This girl that i really like broke up with her boyfriend recently. They dated 4 months and it looks like the are remaining friends. They were close friends before dating.
She didn't announce her break up on instagram. When she got with him It looks like she didn't announce that either. She didn't really post much about the relationship when they dated those 4 months. So what does that mean. Breaking up with someone without announcing it on instagram? She changed her profile on Facebook to single rather quickly.


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  • I never announce anything private on social media. She is acting like a mature adult. Who on earth announces breakups... that’s the lamest thing ever

    • Is it? When she broke up with her previous boyfriend she announced it on instagram.

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  • Why would she announce a breakup on instagram?

    If she put it on facebook but not on her other social media platforms then it's likely she just has not gotten around to it or does not care that much about keeping every platform up to date. I wouldn't put too much stock in social media personas.

    By your responses throughout this thread it sounds like you have been waiting for an opportunity/are getting ready to pounce. Play it cool, don't be too pushy, give her a bit of space, the last thing anyone wants after a breakup is declorations of attraction/someone sniffing around.

    • I just wonder because she did announce her previous breakup on instagram. do plan to play it cool. I feel like i need to confess my feelings, but i think i might catch up with her first and have a casual conversation or two before i do that. And I'm willing to take it slow.

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  • Not all girls would post that they are single again, some like a bit of privacy

  • It means she likes to keep her love life private and safe away from the social media sharks.


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