What is the best way to get over one of those almost relationships?

The guy and I dated for 2 months and for whatever reason got distant and pulled away. Things were going great and he said i was perfect and it was nothing i did wrong which makes it harder to accept. He was having trouble overcoming his past as he was hiurt badly by his ex wife. How do i move on from this? I keep beating myself up over what i could have done differently. It hurts so bad.


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  • There's no point in blaming yourself. Something just aren't meant to be and take time to heal

    • It seems pathetic that im this down about a 2 month ordeal. Is this normal to feel this way?

    • It is normal, sometimes it take s longer to get over someone. It just takes time and distractions.

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  • You have to just accept it, for what it is.

    • Im trying to but it is just hard. I feel like he should have told me upfront about his unresolved past where he couldnt put himself out there

    • He did. 2 months isn't a long time to disclose this information to you.

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  • Consistent love and care

  • This girl dropped me said our age difference was significant. Im trying to get over the pain.

    Your lost, you chest hurts, your stomach in a twirl. You don’t want to eat, you have problems sleeping, you don’t want to do anything.

    Im still hurt, im still feeling miserable. I know how you feel. I kinda lost the feeling of worth. So zi turn to love.


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