How do I find the right one?

My girlfriend of two years woke up one day broke up with and me told me that she doesn't have the same feelings for me anymore. She tells me after 3 weeks of no contact and on and off contact for a another week after that she loved me and she wanted everything with me marriage and kids while we where still together. I don't know why the women I try to keep in my life keep walking out but I'm really tired of these girls begging me to let them in my life only to fill my head with lies and to walk away like we never met. i was married before this relationship and i explained to my ex before we started seeing each other i feel about WOMEN sex and relationships... i want a woman that will ALWAYS be there a REAL FRIEND that will brave through the struggle behind me and relax in the lap of luxury togeher when we get there... HOW CAN I FIND THE ONE I WANT SO BADLY? Is she even real? I'm so confused and tired of living life alone..💔 Am I wrong for not trusting relatioships? Am I wrong for having my defenses up during this relationship?


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  • I think you may have a problem of letting your relationships become stagnate and boring? Do you usually set short to mid term goals with your partner? Like both of you saving money for a vacation for the end of the year. Or both of you saving money to buy mopeds together. Etc.

    • We did a lot together we would workout study we even had plans to live with each other and have kids. I just don't get why women say they want a man that will do them right then once they see their the real deal they want to jump ship. Should I jus look for women a little older that really seem like they want ltr's? Or should I throw in the towel..

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    • I hear ya man trust me I do.. i just wana hear what these women have to say.. I've been waiting for a while now.

    • You should check back in a day, it takes a while to get enough replies.

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