When do you know that you should break up?

What are signs that a relationship should be ended?


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  • Well mine would be:

    1) When she jeopardizes my health more than once.

    I dated a girl, and we were at the kissing stage; We went to a movie... now she had known that I was allergic to certain foods; I reminded her I was allergic AS she was buying the food. She still bought it; then kept trying to make out with me (we weren't even at that dating stage, really).

    She would not change what she ate before a date as well; so kissing her (without knowing she had had something I was allergic to) made me sick - a lot. Had no interest in changing her diet when it would not have hurt her to do so, and was angry when I mentioned I would not be kissing her - that's not cool.

    2) When something she does or says is a bad shock to the system. From "oh, yeah, I used to be a prostitute" to "Now that we're engaged, I must tell you... I have three children older than you!" to "I'm a hit man!" - these and many other secrets would be perfectly fine reasons to break up with the person.

    3) We don't like the same things; and she's insulting to my passion. If she insults my work, or insults the movies I like (when I don't do that to her)... Ok, so to be clear, we don't have to like the same things; but she should respect it, when I respect what she does; and there should be enough "common ground" so that you can do things that you both enjoy together.

    4) When you're too busy for each other, (or can't see each other for a while) and where one, or the both of you, aren't happy about it; and you're both not willing to work through it.

    5) Cheating. I also think that if a person cheats, she isn't showing much respect to the relationship, and doesn't need to be in a relationship until the cause of the cheating is examined and (if possible) solved.

    6) When you're fighting too much. If it's been 5 years and you've fought every single day (not argued, but fought), then that's not healthy.

    7) Abuse

    8) when you feel you have to force someone or "trick them" in order for them to love you. Having a child just to keep him around isn't good. Cheating, then having a child, and telling them it's theirs... isn't good. Telling someone you have a disease that you don't have to get the sympathy and have them stay by you - not good.

    9) When either person is too clingy - always demanding to be with you and not allowing you to have friends of your own (provided they're not bad influences or you're cheating/flirting with said "friends").

    10) When you insist on vastly different things in life; She hates children and pets, and you want a huge family and lots of pets! You're on the road a lot, and she's a cuddly, affectionate, easily lonely homemaker type.


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  • -If there's more bad than good in the relationship.

    -If you're actively pursuing something/someone else.

    -If your values are in direct opposition (you want kids she doesn't, you're not into monogamy and she is)

    A big marker for me is also, I know it's time to end the relationship if I don't mind the thought of them moving on. If I know it'd really upset me, then the relationship is still important to me.

  • When you can't get along anymore. I.e. don't communicate. Such as talking about what issues you have and instead of calmly talking about it and finding a solution, ya'll fight and bicker about it. Also, when you can't put trust in your partner.

    A lot of these are common sense things, however, one can become blinded when inside the relationship.. instead of others who can see it all from the outside.

  • When there isn't any chemistry or love left. . .not when you're bored mind you because you're going to get bored lol but when you just don't feel that way for the perosn anymore is when you leave them. . .or at least when I would

  • When this song sounds like it's about you:

    JD: Riding Solo


  • 1. your friends tell you they have seen her with another dude at the hotel and you ask her if she is cheating and she denies it for 3 months

    2. she never wants to do anythign with you and she always is flaunting the fact that she has a lot of guy friends and she is going out with her guy friends

    3. she never listens to you when you talk or have anything important to say

    4. she never tells her friends about you anymore and when her friends ask her if you guys are dating she is like... oh him? I'm just using him for sex, I don't even like him

    5. When she goes out to raves and dances with every single person but you

    6. when at prom or what ever event, she dances with everyone but you and after the dance she is kissing some other guy.. or throughout the whole dance she is kissing some otehr guy... and trying to avoid you

    7. when you guys live together and she wants to get pleasure from sex whenever and could care less if you got any pleasure... and then she tells you after sex that she's busy and you have to go sleep on the couch or something

    8. how about if she treats you like a dog? whenever she wants you to give her money, a massage or sex she tells you to come over... and whenever she doesn't have time for you even though you need her... she isn't there for you...

    9. she doesn't say I love you to you, she says I hate you 10 times a day

    10. you obviously heard through a lot of people that she is sleeping with numerous guys... and that she just likes sex and not you...

    -hey these things are all from my boyfriend telling me how his ex treated him for 2.5 years... hope this helps dude


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  • I suppose it depends on the circumstances. I don`t know what's going on in your world, but I`ve ended relationships for a number of reasons. I had a 3 year relationship with a woman who gradually became violent towards me. Started off with the odd slap, and progressed to having objects thrown at me. I ended that relationship after she smashed my face into the steering wheel whilst I was driving. I was bought up to treat a lady like a lady, so not once did I ever retaliate. I guess you can imagine what that did for my self esteem.

    There have been ladies I`ve dated for awhile where it was evident that sexually, socially or personality wise we were a total mismatch. I`ve broken up with ladies because the relationship had run its course and we were no longer communicating or sharing with other. And I`ve broken off a relationship where I was being taken for granted and excluded from my ladies scene. She couldn`t understand why I bailed when I told her it was over.

    I`ve been with my wife now over 20 years, and it has its hard times, but I always feel that love there. I`d like to think that I`m a patient guy who works through all the crap that can come up in a relationship. I think that my successful marriage has proved this point. But if you feel miserable inside, if you feel constantly lonely in your relationship or if you are being treated in a violent or contemptuous manner, then its those intances in which I would leave.

  • the first sign is that you're posting a question on a website to ask others for their opinion...its obviously not working out, why not end it now? just my opinion...someones feelings have obviously changed...

  • if you begin doubt things about the relationship and fell like your are getting vibs from someone else.

    if the two argue and have a lot of issues.

    if you fell like the person you are with is not the same person.

    or if you just have a crush on another person

    • It's, "feel," dear, not "fell."

    • Hmmm... Another good one is if the Bitch Corrects you.

    • Haha thank you for correcting me miss wax I have poor typing skills XD

      and thank you for awesome follow up swagg xD

  • When you don't feel good about yourself in that relationship. If I feel like I would rather be alone and sad, then with someone and unhappy.

  • If you fight a lot or fight all the time about dumb sh*t

  • when either party isn't doing their job of making the other happy.

  • When you say her butt looks big in those jeans...


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