Should I forgive my ex girlfriend for testifying against me in a domestic violence case?

I dated a girl for 2 years & I was abusive to her. I found out she pressed charges against me, but when I asked her did she ever talk to the cops she lied & said she didn't. So a year later, because of all the continuances and everything, (we were together during all of the back & forth & going to court, she even bonded me out), she sends me a text telling me that she called the cops on me for beating her, & she's the reason I was going through everything.
I was so hurt, I just walked away from her. The girl I was cheating on her with, I just made her my main girl, & went on a bender, Ended up getting the new girl pregnant. 2 weeks later. So, I decided to stay with the new girl. I told her I got the my new girl pregnant but when she laughed, I told her that I lied & there wasn't a baby. But she wouldn't stop calling and texting, even when I would ignore her. So sometimes I would go spend the weekend with her when my new girl would get too much.
My ex got loaded & showed up at me & my girl's apartment 2 mos after I walked away. Screaming my name & saying she wants to talk to me. My girl calls the cops on my ex & she had warrants out she went to jail.
So while she was in jail, I missed her and wanted to answer her calls but because of the no contact order I didn't. I sent her a message telling I loved her at one time.
So as revenge she testifies against me in court. She cries on the stand telling them how I beat her, but saying how much she loved me & how I never said sorry.
So I got 3 years.
When I was in jail my ex would write me, send my prayers, cards, books, etc. I never answered her. She would brag about how she got her life together & how she had to go to therapy because of me. She would send me self improvement exercises talking about how she changed & she hoped I became a better person. The whole 3 years she sent me stuff, sometimes she stopped for a couple of months, but she still sent stuff.
Should I forgive her for testifying against me?
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She was in jail when she testified.
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She was in jail for 6 months because of warrants that were outstanding for her. Only reason she was caught was because she was freaking out in front of my and my girls apartment.
Should I forgive my ex girlfriend for testifying against me in a domestic violence case?
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