He called me first, I returned the call, but now he is not calling me back?

Male friend called me the other day, I wasn't home, I called him back 3 days later, but now he is not calling me back? I assume he wanted to talk, but now I am confused.Advice please?


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  • I run into this all the time with my Babe-friends.


    When you say "I will call you", as a woman, what you mean is right after the date, when you get home, or at the latest, the next morning.

    When a man says "I will call you", we do mean it, but what we mean is "sometime before we die".

    Women often get frustrated with this, and say "you were supposed to call"... and men say "WTF, I was going to?"

    • LOL thank you for the informative answer, I guess I jumped the gun. He called the night he said he would. Thank you-SIR

    • LOL - it's not your fault. It's like when you adjust your Bra ~ and ALL the men in your immediate vicinity notice... yeah, it's nature. Can't help it.

      Women are just REALLY good at communication, and men are just idiots about this. It's why women have such deep, meaningful, bonding friendships.... and also why men can't say "I love you, man:, unless we are intoxicated and in the presence of strippers. ROFLMAO!

      it's so true...

    • It's true. Guys aren't good with communication. I know I am not lol.

What Girls Said 1

  • You probably waited too long to call back. Try calling him again because he could've been busy too!


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