Is this pretty accurate of what my ex is doing?

My ex still tells me that we can't be together because long distance is too hard, but I think it is more about the fact that this is his first time away at home and he goes to a massive party school that having a girl friend holds him back from doing whatever he wants to do and he wants to get this all out of his system. As well as I think when you're met with all these urges you want to explore and you can't do that with a girl friend. But it also seems like he doesn't want to let me go, he told me he's not over me and never will be over me, but we shouldn't be together while he's away. My guess he wants to go through a "party hoe phase" and then come back to me when he is actually ready?


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  • I think you are right! He wants to be free for the party, but same time he is making sure that when he’ll come back, you’ll be there waiting... 😏

    • And recently we talked and he knows that I'm not over him either, and after that he's started liking tweets about sex and girls and stuff do you think thats because he comfortable now with the fact that I still care?

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    • Yes probably. But if he really wants to break up with you to have fun. Do not chase him. Let him do his things and don’t contact him. His loss. Find somebody who will treat you better.

    • I talked to him and he tried to say that it is more about distance but I also brought up what my point of view is and he agreed so I'm not quiet sure why he kinda uses distance as like an excuse it seems? Also he said the he still loves me and at the end of the day I'm still his person things are just really hard... and I think thats him liking being like oh I don't want to lose you I want to party still, because if it was mainly because of distance I just feel like thats something you can figure out and work out

  • Sounds like it. Tell him directly what you think and say it's a good idea because whatever he's gonna do, you want to do also.

    • I think he needs to "get it out of his system" so he can be better for me when he is done, but it still hurts a lot and I feel like deep down he is hurting a lot too...

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    • Yeah LDR is hard and I know a lot of couples who broke up from that. If it was up to me, I'd tell him it's hard but you still want to work on it and intends to stay loyal despite the distance because you love him. And if he still says no and breaks up, then it's his say and you don't plan to wait like a statue for him.

    • I mean I think he doesn't have the drive to like give the relationship the effort it needs because he also wants to party and stuff

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