Huge fight with Boyfriend of 5 years. Should I call him back? or wait it out?

Please answer I need as much help as I can get. My Boyfriend and I had a HUGE fight on Mon. and we haven't talked since . I'm currently study for the CPA exam and it's been very stressful. He hasn't been sensitive to the fact that I need extra comfort and support.

Since we usually talk multiple times a day everyday it's weird to have gone like almost 2 days w/o talking. He has the tendency to hang up on me when he's mad but I usually call him back. I think he takes for granted that I'd rather be the bigger person and just call so we can fix things and move on. But I feel like since always call he doesn't really put much effort into initiating a resolution to our conflicts.

Should I just be the bigger person again and call him back or should I just wait it out? Is it wrong to sort of teach him a less by not calling him back?


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  • The wonderful things you don't have to worry about when your single ha

    Look I can understand where this dude is coming from, I was in a relationship where I talked to the girl pretty much all the time. She started going to college and I started to feel that she didn't have the time for me. Which wasn't the case. Kinda. She just needed to put her 110% into school but at the same time she really loved me.

    Well when I would get p*ssed I would always be the one to hang up too but I didn't do it to p*ss her off. I did it to show my point that I'm at the breaking point. The thing is, she never called back because when I got hella p*ssed I needed time to chill out, once that happened I would call her back. Well that's how it was at first. Until we got more into our relationship. I would feel like a bitch for calling her back. Not that I didn't want to just suck it up and do it I just hate feeling like I'm bagging for her back. I hated that weakness. Its looked at okay for a girl to be weak but if a dude is, he is looked at as a pussy.

    But then again, you two have been together for awhile so he should not even worry about how he looks around you.

    I say call him, don't say sorry blah blah blah. Just pick up the phone and be like look I feel like your wrong in this, you need to understand that I need to do what is best for me if you can't accpect that and want that for me than don't bother calling me again, if he doesn't say anything, hang up if he does her him out.

    Therefore you put the ball in his court, instead of in the middle of the both of you.

    I think girls that try to teach guy things just end up pushing them more away. You cannot change somebody. That who he is b, that's the type of person you choose to be with. If you don't like being the one that always calls him back than find somebody different you know? Good luck!

    • I think neither of us want to put ourselves in the humbling postion of making that first move because it does seem like weakness. and I guess it is better we have time to cool off, if I called on mon. we would have just kept fighting. maybe I will call, but as you said, not say sorry. after I explain myside of it what should I say to make sure he understands the ball in in his court. I know if I call he'll expect me to do all the talking/appologizing

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  • Yes, call him. There's no reason to lose a 5 year relationship because you are too stubborn to talk things out.


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  • Sorry you're experiencing turbulance. It happens, especially when the stress is up there. Don't show him a lesson! Sometimes the lesson we think we teach, we end up learning something else. Not always how we plan. Call him back if you care. Talk w/him about issues later. Remember that someone doesn't always have to be wrong/right.

  • You taught him a lesson already, you taught him you will always call him back and be the total caretaker of your relationship. Now is as good of a time as any to change a pattern that does not serve you so very well.

    When he does call, maybe you should hang up on the boy-man.


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