Girlfriend of almost 2 years broke up over me taking a girls photos (paid photography)?

I'm getting paid to do this, and it is way better than my minimum wage job. My girlfriend told me she feels uncomfortable that i'm taking headshots of a girl, in public, while I text her the whole time. However I was understanding about her doing a 5 hour trip with a guy who likes her facebook pictures because it was the only way she'd see her family during break. I told her that if I can be uncomfortable yet understanding about the 5 hour trip then she should be understanding with me about this 1 hour, paid shoot. She doesn't want me to do photography of any girls. I can understand how she may feel uncomfortable but blowing a 1.5+ year relationship for that is a little irrational right? I just need some help because I really want to make money and stop doing minimum wage. I don't know what to do because she said she'd break up with me if I do this clients photos. Help please


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  • Yeah its irrational, she shouldn't be jealous. It's not like its pornography and they're topless and outside. If she can't be happy that way then oh well good riddance, no reason for that jealousy to be there especially when she had a 5 hour trip with some other dude!

    • I appreciate your reply, i'm glad that im not losing my sanity over this

    • Your welcome and thanks for mho And agreed

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  • If I had to choose between my profession n a gal, profession would trump. In your particular situation, (you are trying to get ahead in life but she says do something else but not this) you need to take a long hard look at what it is u really want n decide accordingly.

    Just so u know, your girlfriend also posted a post similar to what you wrote a couple days ago ( leaving out the 5 HR journey conveniently) asking if she shud leave it stay.


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  • This might sound harsh, but you are better off without her.

    If she is that controlling over head shots, she will be controlling in other ways too.

  • Dump her and stop letting her tty to control u

    • Thanks for your reply man

    • You welcome i had a girlfriend who wouldn't let Mr join the marines then turned around and said o2 had no mavation in life. And am sure your girlfriend would do the same if you go back to a minwage job your

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