Update on my relationship. Will he ever contact me or is he just hurt right now?

Okay hey guys! If you read my last post from 6 days ago you would get a little bit more background info on my situationship right now. So my ex was talking to my bestfriend a few days ago on the phone and she was basically trying to reach out to him for me because he still had me blocked after I broke up with him. I broke up with him because I felt like he was overall just too dismissive of my feelings and he would talk to me crazy during arguments and I slowly stopped feeling comfortable with the idea that I could spend the rest of my life wth him. Anyways, we’ve spent 3 weeks without talking to each other and I really really miss him. I broke up with him not because I hated him or wanted him to leave me alone forever but because I felt like it was the right thing to do. I Felt really frustrated at the fact that he was still doing things that I told him I didn’t like 2 years ago. He basically told my friend that he’s tired of getting his heart broken and that he thinks it’s crazy that I’m trying to reach out to him when I’m the one who ended it. My friend assured him that I loved him a lot still and that he should probably hear me out blah blah. They talked for about 5 minutes but he eventually said he had to go to work. Do you guys think he will contact me? I sent him an email beforehand telling him how I felt in the relationship and that I really want things to work but it won’t work if he continues to act the same way he was acting anytime he would get upset. I’m all out of tries at this point. I guess what is meant to be will be.


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  • I have no idea what you posted 6 days ago because you posted this as Anonymous and I don't know any way to find your other posts since I can't look at your profile.

    Based on what you said here, my guess is that he will not contact you and I think that might be the best thing for both of you. If you were frustrated enough to break up with him and he felt like you keep hurting him it seems to me that you are not a good match.

  • You broke up with him, the reason doesn't really matter. I would keep you blocked from an objective view.


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