Why is he insulting me? Why is he like this all of a sudden? Help?

My ex dumped me. His friend told me he liked me the next day and I thought I’d maybe give it a try. Then ex texts me saying I’m a thot, someone who’d date anyone because I’m desperate. But I know it’s not true. I told him I wasn’t and he started to insult me more and that he never liked me at all. He just wanted to see what would happen and that made me shocked and sad, because I actually liked him. And He told me he hated my personality and I was a bit boring. My friends and other guys think I’m funny and kinda and smart and just good in general. I don’t get why he hates me and I don’t know what I did to make him hate me. I’m not angry at him at all just sad, and I don’t want to get revenge or insult him. I even defended him from my friends when they said he’s doesn’t look good with me or is bad. For some reason I think that he liked me even a tiny bit because how can he act THAT well? We flirted a lot, talked a lot, laughed a lot, and we held hands and hugged. He was so kind and sweet but all of a sudden he broke up with me and became this whole different person. Even his friends don’t know why he’s acting like this and they said he was not a bad person. He suddenly started to say that I would date anyone and who didn’t I ever had a crush on. He made me sound like I’m so desperate, even though I’m not. He said he won and I didn’t even insult him. All i did was say what I mean and said “ok then” Why did he act like this all of a sudden? Thanks


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