Before I left she kissed me on the cheek and walked back inside. What is this girl doing?

I've known this girl for almost a year now and the first time we met we messed around a little bit, nothing substantial - we talked all the time and she always said she felt safe with me and I told her I was very protective of her, she ended up moving away and didn't want to do a long distance relationship but we still talked. I told her I still only wanted her, and she kept telling me it wasn't going to happen but would still have like hints of interest out in the open. I thinking it wasn't going to happen dated another girl for a few months and kind of upset the previous girl (even though she said nothing was going to happen) I just recently broke up with the other girl and the girl I've known just recently moved back to where I am. we hung out for the first time in 8 months last night and nothing was really happening, and then we began talking about everything that went down and I apologized and told her that I still only wanted her and she told me it wouldn't happen because she liked another guy. I told her that was fine because I liked her enough that I would wait if I needed to. she immediately said she hated me as she laid down in my arms and cuddled up to me. we would begin to get just a little bit intimate and then would pull away and say that this was wrong because she liked the other guy. then she would eventually come right back to where she was in my arms (this repeated several times throughout the night) I ended up staying in bed with her until 5 in the morning and when I was leaving we hugged for a little bit and I went for a kiss and she pulled back and told me not to try anything because nothing was going to happen. so we talked for a little while and right before I left she kissed me on the cheek and walked back inside. what in the world is this girl doing?


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  • haha wow . . . . I'd say she doesn't know what she wants. she likes you, but she likes the other guy too. I don't think she knows who to pick.


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