Why throw your relationship away?

I want to go to college that's 4 hours away from my town...I told my boyfriend of 3 years about it and he said if I went it would be the end of us...what I want to become will take me 12 years... What he wants to become is only gonna take him a year...I don't see why he can't join me after he is done with his classes...he was gonna be gone for a year for his career and you wad willing to still be with him why can't he do it for me...why does he wanna throw our relationship away


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  • True love has nothing to do with Selfishness, and what he's doing is totally selfish! he should be thinking about how going to college is for your own good and, in my opinion, he shldnt be making such a big deal out of it! its only a 4hrs drive, you can still see him on vacations, right?

    if you really love this guy, try to talk to him about how bad you wanna go to college but still don't wana lose him. I'm sure ull figure things out and put some plans for your future together:)

    goodluck xx


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