Now he tells me he hasn't loved me since that happened. Why did my ex do this?

see my boyfriend of a year broke up with me because of something that happened 9 months ago see I texted my ex boyfriend and he found out about it and didn't break up with me just talked to me about it. well see 9 months later now he tells me he hasn't loved me since that happened and he has been lying to himself the whole time telling me everyday that he loves me and miss me and wants to be with me and now he broke up with me and says he doesn't love me. he seemed so happy. he said he will never love me again and doesn't even know if he wants to be friends. see I don't have many friends I live in a small town and everyone knows everyone and I'm a shy person. the thing that's hurting me the most is that when that happened 9 months ago I wasn't sure what I wanted and now I do I know I want him I love him so much and when he said he didn't love me for 9 months and been lying to himself it hurts so much. guys why did he wait so long to tell me if he didn't love me and why is he trying to hurt me so much after being together over a year and a half

do you think he still loves me he is just doing this out of anger since I text him a lot and haven't really left him alone since we broke up
i really love him and I think he loves me still he is just saying this because I haven't been giving him space which is what he first asked for and he is fed up with me texting him
he said he has never forgave me for texting my ex and hasn't loved me since he found out but like I said that was over 9 months ago


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  • He did love you all the way, he's just using it excuse to break up not knowing the fact that it hurts you this much. He probably still didn't 100% forgive you, and wanted to do something back, cause I can imagine that would have been messed up for him too, his girlfriend texting ex and all stuff.

  • because he still like you at the time and its hard to make a clean break but since then he has been coming to terms with the fact that he does feel betrayed and that he like you more then you met him. that's all it is can you really blame the guy


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