I want her back so bad!

This is actually really more complicated than I'm about to describe, but just real quick, basically we were going great for 2 months, 2 really wonderful months, then she decides to just be friends.

I have to admit I stopped being the same for a while, but I apologized and was really sorry, but she said she realized she didn't like me like that anymore. The thing is this was from one day to another... Truth is I took her for granted and never realized that I was the one that needed her because I always thought she was the one that was more into the relationship.

Anyways, we go to different schools, like 30 miles apart, and we had agreed to just enjoy our time and see where things go, she wanted to be more than that at some point, but I pussied out and decided to keep things like this, I regret it now so much.

I was also pushy and pressuring her to tell me what was wrong, but it just made things worse, but its just that out of all the girls I've been with, she is the most special one, because even tho its only 2 months, I was never more happy even with other gfs.

She doesn't text me at all, when we used to be so close, and it really hurts, I can't even look at her fb because I know its just gonna make me more depressed, but I just don't know what happened and she doesn't wanna talk about it.

I know I was special to her because even tho she is a virgin, I went farther with her than any other guy before, and she really felt comfortable and trusted me. I never once pressured her to do stuff she didn't want to, we were so happy really. So I can't understand why she won't even talk to me, it is so awkward now when we see each other, when before everything was so much easy going, now I don't know what to say, and I just miss her so much.

Our families are close and I am going back to Mexico to visit some relatives, and her mom, who likes me a lot and was so happy me and her daughter were together, decided to make the trip with me and her daughter is coming too, I know she still feels something for me and I can win her heart back, but I wouldn't know how to act in that trip since its like 24 hrs long.

She told me she didn't want a boyfriend, that there was no other guy either, and I don't care if were not bf-gf, I just wanna be with her, because even when we were together we weren't bf-gf, just very happy and decided not to worry about that. She is really special to me and I don't wanna move on because she is so worth it, but I think another factor that led to this was that I held back lots of times from showing her how happy she really made me and how special she was.

I think what scared her was that it would be sorta long distance, but she was willing before to make it work, and I know I can show her that I'm willing to fix everything and to win her back, because she was also very happy with me and after sh*t hit the fan she was sad most of the time and it affected her, so I know she might feel something for me.

I miss her so bad, any advice plz

thanks for the response, should I tell her that I still miss her so bad? we haven't talked these past weeks and its been hell, I just wanna tell her everything that I didn't say before, and I wanna win her heart back again...


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  • well , I think that maybe you should write her a letter and tell her everything . everything you said in this question and then some . all those little things you miss about her and all that stuff everything little thing that she NNEEEDDDSSS to know . girls always need to know those things getting back with someone .

    as for this trip ..

    i think you should just be her friend . show her you are interested in things she wants to do . always be smiling . try not to bring up anything from the past unless you no foresure that she is ready to . what's the worst that can happen ? and if all else fails just be friends and always try to have contact with her , even if she doesn't want to . that also proves that you are ready and thay you are not a little kid anymore . you know .

    i know some times when I want to talk to my boyfriend about something I will tend to chicken out . lol . witch sucks but I do .

    im sorry about everythign that is going on . just keep your head up and a smile on your face !

    ** good luck , I hope everything goes well for you and your girl troubles **


    P.S have a blast in MEXICO !


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