Our problem with love?

hey guys
i'm gonna share my personal opinion about this topic with you

i think our biggest problem with love is we don't love and appreciate ourselves like we should be!!!

we keep convincing each other that we need someone to fulfill the emotional part in us while in fact we don't really need anyone to do that because we can do that ourselves!!

yes ! we can love ourselves... but most of us unfortunaly don't... if i asked you right now when was the last time you did smth for yourself to be happy.. i'm sure your gonna think long..

we need to realize that our happiness cannot be attached to someone or something we can lose... then it would be a disaster to our lives... so we need to accept ourselves and love ourselves before everything else in order to always live happy

and in the end just remember you're not a half to need someone to complete you.. you're a whole 💜
Our problem with love?
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