I don't know if I should trust her again after hidden something or no?

If my girlfriend in ldr and she hidden something about another guy was try to be with her and she was changed with me and I was keep on asking what is wrong with you? do you know someone new? , she was answer you so jealous it just friends, in this time while he was try with her , now she told me about him and that she refused him after saying that he want be with her while she see say that he was asking always and said to her keep on me even if you have boy as a friend and her reason for hide that she was fear that I leave if told me about him ,, should I trust her again? She doesn't slept with him I am sure of that


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  • Doesn't matter, you always have to be doubtful of her yet not be a nagging nuisance. Don't be too trusting, she might, most likely will, abuse it.


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