Having a hard time not being friends with ex... any advice?

My ex wanted to “temporarily” end the friendship so that he can move on. We haven’t spoken in a month and I’m having some difficulty. I do miss him because we were really close and we were able to be our complete selves with each other. I think the problem is that he still had feelings and once in a blue moon, we’d fuck. (Rarely) So the last day we saw each other, we had sex, and that’s when he said that we can’t be friends. (Which I understand why). When he texted me, I was angry and gave him an ultimatum that if he ended the friendship, I’d never be willing to fix what was broken. With that knowledge, he chose to leave. However, a couple days went by where we didn’t talk and I thought it was the start of no contact. but he messaged me again five days later at like 5am saying he couldn’t sleep because he kept thinking about the situation and said he doesn’t want to end the friendship because we’re so close but he thinks it’s necessary to move on. He then said that he wanted me to be open to a friendship in the future, which I responded “I’ll give you space. Don’t worry”. Then nothing was said after that.

its been a month and it’s been hard for me. In some ways I want closure because it’s hard losing a friend. Any advice?
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We broke up 4 years ago and have been so close during that time!
Having a hard time not being friends with ex... any advice?
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