Why is the ex girlfriend talking to me again?

So we've been broken up for close to 6 months now. She was the one that broke up with me. And we do see each other a lot because of the same social circle.

Anyways, long story short... lately she's been behaving a lot weirder than usual.

Last month prior to blocking her on all social media, she liked an instagram post and I missed a facetime video call at around midnight. I blocked her because she was making a female friend of mine very uncomfortable.

Anyways, lately she's been quite friendly to my friend. In addition, she has been staring at me quite a bit. What I also don't get is, she's initiating conversation as well.

Generally, she would tease me or make some stupid talk. Light talk. I would tease her back in return. I even flirted with her saying "she's no longer allowed to take photos of me topless."


Why is she talking to me again?


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  • She's trying her options to know may be u still feel for her and available to her


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