How do guys move on so easily? Or is it just me?

Two years ago I dated this guy for almost 3 months, after we broke up I wasn't really interested in being friends but he was persistent in staying friends, well we decided to be friends with benefits. This went on for almost the resting of the past two years. Of course we were on and off and fought a lot. I really cared about him. After the couple meetings actually lead to me getting knocked up but I had a miscarriage. He moved to another state after graduating college and I moved to another town. That's the backstory...
Recently broke up with this other guy and while dating him, he made me miss my ex so much. We ended things after one fight. I miss my ex and we said goodbyes but I'm still struggling with moving on when I want to. I don't understand how guys can just move on so easily. Seems like my ex is relieved to be gone and with my miscarriage while I feel hurt still.


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  • Just you, it's been proven that guys take longer to move on than girls do.


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