Breakup I need help?

So the thing is that me and my girlfriend are fighting like a lot and i lost my feelings for her and she changed a lot in the last month I don’t know what to do but it’s over between us i need your help what should I tell her
She loves me for death and she want to be with me and marry me but I can’t stand her anymore I talked to her many times and she promises me to change but she didn’t please share your thoughts what should I tell her?


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  • It’s over you according to what you just wrote. She doesn’t change the way you want her to be now what exactly are you trying to accomplish here. Make it easier on her after the break up or what.

    • She’s not changing but she tells me she don’t want to lose me and I’m everything to her and stuff like that we talked to much about that when i will tell her she will fall

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    • I hope so and don’t hurt herself for that

    • You know she will. That’s however not your responsibility any more.

What Guys Said 1

  • Practice and practice, wass that you want to breakup with her. Really. When ready, go to her and breakup!


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