I know I broke up with then but I can't help feeling regret that maybe it could have worked out, whay do you guys do to get over it?

I broke up with a girl that honestly was very selfish and would only ask me to do things for her but would never give or do something back for me. I stated I was materialistic 3 or 4 times and I got no gifts and to me those are important I really stressed it. She would be frustrated all the time specially if I didn't go to events or go out with her to somewhere she wanted to go, but she never did anything I wanted to do! Of course I was not perfect and had my own faults but I said to myself this wouldn't go long term. I decided to break up with her and she did a complete 180 when I said that and said ok I'll stop being angry all the time, I'll buy you gifts, I'll buy you food, I won't call to bother you. She started messaging a ton of page long sweet messages after and saying sweet words. She even said she loved me! A month earlier I asked her to meet my parents and she said when this relationship is "stable" she will and I thought well then I guess it's unstable right now. Basically everything I said that bothered me she said she will fix and change, even meet my parents. It was too easy and didn't believe it, I decided to still go through with the break up because I'm not sure people could change for someone. I now can't help but think of the "what if", she was amazing in bed and maybe it could have worked. I hate that I can't think of anything else except the sex, because it lures me back to thinking but I always need to smack some sense and remember what she did to me during the relationship and what she didn't do for me. I currently lost a lot of friends from her side and since I started talking to someone else she has stated she hates me for "moving on so fast" so I know the bridge has been burned but I still think about it and I hate it because of the "what if". Eventually I didn't want to do anything with her and just go home and watch show. I just need some words of advice and whatever you have gone through or maybe a similar situation. Thank you for reading


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  • All sounds superficial and disgenuine to me she shouldn't have treated you like that to begin with. The love yous and sweet notes didn't come frome a genuine place only to save her ass, you made the right choice. Good luck dude

    • Thanks I really needed that

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