What should I expect from her if I become emotionally numb with her?

Im tired of the blame games. I get blamed for things i dont even know i did and its getting out of hand. I have gotten the ring i gave her, thrown at me by her more than 3 times.

I would always get shit from her for not chasing after her. I felt horrible because well isn't that what you do with someone you love?

Anyways, i finally realize that she is the one that always walks away from every argument she starts and can't handle. Its like she continuously tells herself i am cheating, then she brings it up to me and chaos erupts simply because i tell her that i am not cheating (disregarding that we live together). Just today i have decided to emotionally shut down. I cry for what i know now, is not my fault and that just isn't right. I know i have made horrible decisions in life and i am currently dealing with debt. She knows this and will use this and my past health problems to tell me, "you will not find someone who will accept you the way i accept you". Honestly, i dont feel accepted by her. I just feel judged, useless and insignificant.

What should i expect from her (keep in mind we live together) if i emotionally shut down?


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  • She's testing you and you are failing, badly. Use facts to counter her accusations. Take command of the situation. Tell her that if you'd been cheating that you would've kicked her out and brought in the new girl already.


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