How to have revenge on my friend's ex?

My best friend's boyfriend ditched her. and left her for a girl who we always considered as our enemy. She is very sad and depressed and is crying often. Even though we are supporting her a lot.
So i would lik to hav a suggestion on taking revenge on him. Not in a bad way but in a way that would be friendly and make her feel better. Being her best friend i just want to see her happy. Please advice.


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  • If I were in your position, I think the most harmless but most effective thing to do would be to tell your friends and have them tell their other friends about what happened with your friend's ex and say to avoid him at all costs. Also, find your friend a better guy. Once your friend's ex finds out that he's not the one who can get with other people, he could get frustrated. I don't know, guys who do things like leaving their girl for someone else have tendencies to feel angry over the fact that the person they left is happy without them. Just don't overdo it, and don't make yourselves look like the bad people


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  • Don't the only way you can help is by being there for her, I've had some of my ex's friends or themselves trying to get revenge on me and it's the most cringiest thing that happen, they end up being disliked by the people because they show how immature they are. Besides, it's none of your business, if he decided to break up with her he surely had a reason why and probably ended up better than if they would've forced the relationship.

  • Relationships begin and end. Don't be so dramatic.

    The best revenge is to live your life unaffected by those who harm you.

  • This sounds like something off of MTV smh. Make him Sit on a whoopie cushion she'll laugh and nobody gets hurt. Revenge... Jesus Christ smh

    • I remembered a case of a few high school girls wanting "Revenge" on a guy after he slept with all of them so they accused him of rape and he was in prison for one year before his case was reopened.

    • Holy fuck 😲

  • They are definitely expecting her to react. She should act normally around them like she is not affected by this at all. Dont be jealous dont be aggressive. This would fuck with their minds. :)

    • when people expect you to react in a particular way and you don't this fucks them up

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