About my x that wants to communicate still?

He said that like after we broke up. Even though I had thoughts and feelings those love he made me feel before was just a lie but an affection, or let's say he said he loves me so dear that he wish to marry me soon but after like a week only that we broke up he dated someone, I still love him. I still have this trust to him. It's like I chose to love him and believe all his lies. I forgave after all things. He said he want to communicate still but when I am communicating like trying to, he's nowhere. He replies to me like every after 30 mins. I don't know anymore. I think he did really lied that he loved or liked me before. Because right now, I feel like I've been dump. Why does this happens to me, I trust, I love, I care, but still being taken for granted because of it. I've never cheated before, but I always end up like this. I really hate feeling like I am nothing. Why do he does this. And still doing this to me. He won't tell any reason. Just why.


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  • He just wants to have sex with you still. I know feeling are strong but drop him, he's not worth it.

    • He knows I don't do sex with a friend or ex. Just someone I call my guy. But yeah I probably should. I just don't know how.

    • Your young. Time heals all

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  • Because he doesn't appreciate you

  • May be to keep tabs on you...

  • Ex's are drama, stay away

    • Hi. Are you a guy? I thought about staying away this time. But how could I do it? Like in a nice way. I don't want to make him feel guilt or anything. I don't know

    • You move on. You find new men

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