So my girl is having issues with her boyfriend.
(They've known each other three months and been together two months)

- She's never met his family, but his meet hers
- Refuses to go to family dinners/special occasions
- Never meet his friends
- Doesn't socialise with her parents much
- Pinches her smokes
- Didn't add her on Facebook or Snapchat after beinging together for two months and that was with her asking

- Doesn't soclialise with her friends
- only been on two dates with being prompted by her
- Tries to always use her car

- he is a very nice guy
- shows affection in the bedroom (non-sexual) cuddly/wants to hold her hand
- worries that he bugs her/annoys her if he texts he first
- always willing to help when asked
- he is quite shy and says the reason she hasn't meet her family is due to his mum being very noisy, dad an alcoholic and he doesn't socialise with his friends hardly as he claims they are always busy with work


is he just really dumb and clueless to how girls should be treated or relationships in general OR is she just wasting her time?

Should she break up with him or give him more time?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Break up is the easy option. I don't see what exactly is his purpose in her life.


What Girls Said 2

  • Maybe more time. Does he have facebook and, Snapchat? My boyfriend didn't so makes sense he wouldn't add me. He could be very, shy or have a hard time, going out and being, around people. Possibly a bad case of anxiety and being anti social

    • Yes he had Facebook and Snapchat, when she found out that's when she asked him.

    • Hmmm that's a little on the sketchy side. Maybe he's embarrassed by his family on social media to?

  • Personally, if they are already having trouble this early on in the relationship — that is a bad sign. Some of the negative things you mentioned about him are really off. Why wouldn’t he want to add her on social media? That seems really suspicious to me. Also, I don’t get the whole socially inept thing on his side. If you are with someone I think it is at least your obligation to get to know the people your significant other associates with. Why wouldn’t you? It says a lot about the person you’re with and shows you want to be apart of that persons life! As for the hesitancy to introduce his parents to her... perhaps there is some underlying reason. It could be his parents don’t have the best personalities and he had some insecurity introducing them. If that is the case then he should communicate that to her. Overall, this seems like a new relationship with a lot of holes. I think your friend needs to address all of the concerns you listed by confronting him with it.

    • She said she has addressed these issues twice, that's how she managed to get a date out of him.

    • Then it doesn’t seem like a relationship I would ever want to stay in.

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