My Bestie got manipulated by people?

My girl best friend who's my classmate in my college, who has got trust issues, got manipulated by some people (who are not on good terms with me), into thinking & making me as the bad guy. She believes everyone in the class knows that I did/said something negative, unethical and dishonourable about her behind her back (which I didn't TBH), and she kinda broke up with me because of this, giving weightage to the number of people who told her they were witnesses to that rather than her best friend who got outnumbered.

She straightway unfriended me, ignored me and my texts and doesn't wants to talk to me now, saying nothing will ever be the same. I even apologized to her even though it wasn't my fault, she said sorry doesn't makes it right. I know in my heart I didn't do anything. She gave me hope, happiness & support when there was no one to turn to, and now she is taking it back, by abandoning me, making it a fake/false hope. How can I make this right, she's not even ready to listen to me?
My Bestie got manipulated by people?
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