What to do when you're unsure?

I found naked pictures in my husbands forum messages from another woman. The pictures were from June. So it's like he was saving them. This woman he does talk to from time to time and I'm not sure if there is something else going on. I want to confront him but I don't want to look like I was going through his stuff. (which I wasn't btw.) I was getting an address out of his PMs when I seen it. How should I go about it or should I just let it be?

I researched it a bit and found that she had posted a thread for some contest. In that thread she had also posted nude photos but took them down the same day. My husband posted :waiting: then she PM'd them to him I guess. "Remember these?"


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  • Get more evidence before you put the hard word on him, innocent till proved guilty...


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