Does this mean my ex boyfriend got jealous easily? Did I do right dumping him?

I dumped my ex because he got too jealous. Do you think he did?
One: he didn’t want me talking to guys.
Two: he didn’t like when other guys touched me.
Three: he wanted to be the first to take my virginity and other sexual firsts.
Four: he didn’t like when I checked out other guys.
  • All of them mean he got jealous easily
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  • Most mean he got jealous easily (which ones?)
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  • Some mean he got jealous easily
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  • Few to none meant he got jealous easily
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What Guys Said 1

  • Thats insane, he sounds more possessive than jealous. You did the right thing.


What Girls Said 2

  • Your are more like a possession to him in my opinion. Be the first of everything? Look like he just want that lol. I understand about not wanting other guys to touch you though. Would you like you boyfriend to be on someone? Like u guess its depend on how you touch and how you talk. I know i won't want my boyfriend to talk or texts other girls non stop or daily.

  • I'd love if my man was possessive of me


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