Does my ex boyfriend want me back?

He hasn't contacted me since July and we had an argument which he said nasty things so did I
I tried to speak with him again after saying sorry and he told me he doesn't think about me or care about me and is happy without me and we weren't anything serious

However since July I have seen him on 3 occasions
Once at a festival he tried to talk to me and I brushed him off
Then we saw eachothers on the road in our cars and he beeped to get my attention and said how are you it's good to see u

Again I was stand offish

I saw him again on Saturday but in my car and he in his but I purposely avoided him

The fact he keeps trying to talk to me does that mean he wants me but then again why doesn't he just contact me

Is this relationship over?

I don't want to reach out in fear he will react badly again
Does my ex boyfriend want me back?
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