What to do if your X wanna say sorry to you for what she did nd you even don't wanna talk to her?

I gave her two chances but every time she cheated on me... And now she want me back nd wanna say sorry what should I do... I also don't wanna contact.. last time she said I never love u..


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What Girls Said 1

  • ignore her
    she does definitely not deserve any of your attention anymore, let alone a chance
    just say no and stick to it.

    • Am already doing this
      Thanks for the opinion

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    • no
      don't do that
      what she's done to you was definitely cruel but that doesn't mean you've gotta react to that by making her jealous
      be the bigger person

What Guys Said 2

  • Then you've done what you can. It's over. Don't contact her anymore. She's gonna use you again. Just leave her alone. There's nothing you have to do. It's all over. Ignore her.

  • Nope. Block her. She canned her 1 forgivable offense.


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