Guys, how would you feel?

Guys how would you feel if your ex unfollowed you on Snapchat after an amicable breakup and then decided to refollow you later?
I broke up with this guy about 2 months ago. The relationship was just going nowhere and I felt there wasn’t a lot of effort. He apologized and then we left it at that. I had strong feelings so decided to unfollow him on social media. Now I’m over it and ready to be friends. But we haven’t talked since and I feel it’d be weird. What do you think?


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  • Talk to him , he is probably thinking the same, one of you need to talk , if not it is always going to be weird


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  • She'd be blocked. Personally I don't tolerate flip-flopping. If she cut ties and un followed, she can stay that way instead of expecting back in because now it suits her

  • I would die


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