How do I move her away from her ex-boyfriend/current friend?

I'm pretty sure this girl likes me. We've spent an increasing amount of time exchanging text messages within the last few months. Most of the conversations aren't initiated by me and I get the chance to hang out with her usually with one or two other people every week or so.

Last week, after a few drinks of course, I ended up snuggling or whatever on the couch with her for the first time. This lasted a few hours until I had to leave. The problem is though, I'm not sure how to get her away from her ex. She had been on and off dating this guy for maybe two years now and known him longer than that. And for the last 6 or 7 months she has been single, but I don't know exactly how close she is to her ex who I believe she still casually speaks and hangs out with. Again, I don't believe they're on dating status. So does anyone have any advice on how to get her to focus only on me and forget her ex? I feel that would be really helpful. Thanks.


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  • You should try asking her out.


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