My girlfriend left me and I am devastated, how to heal?

after being single for almost 4 years this cute and dazzling young woman who is 4 years younger than me walked into my life about 3 months ago, she completely changed my life, I was happier than ever, fitter than ever and I was so thankful to God that he sent me an angle, me and my girl are from the same hometown, ethnicity, and background. we got closer very fast and we both were discussing and planning marriage. to my dismay, she started complaining about how horrible her financial problems are and how she is struggling with credit card and student loans, in multiple occasions she told me that I cannot provide her the life she wants and it was so upsetting to me because I am so madly in love with her, so one day I had a few drinks and when she started to complain, I confronted her and told her she isn't leaving me if I can't give her the life she wants. she got mad and blamed all the problems on me, she said I won't be able to take care of her when we are married if I can't even handle her complaint about her financial needs. she left me, and now I am devastated. I had higher hopes and wanted to make her my life partner, everything all our plans got throughout the window. now I'm so depressed that I can't even convince myself to go to work. I have locked myself in my room and I am grieving this loss. I don't know how to recover because there are no options for me, and I can't stay single for another few years as well. I even had suicidal thoughts, coz i dont want to live this miserable life.


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  • You may have dodged a bullet if she is that unstable, in debt and concerned about your earning potential. It sounds like there were some good things about her though, maybe you can ask her to sit down and have a conversation about it? Ask her to disclose all of her debt issues and see if you can help her get it under control. You definitely wouldn't want to marry someone who is out if control in this area, that could ruin your life.

    What is the problem here? Do you really have little or no potential to earn a decent living and support a family? If so, you probably need to take steps to change that if you want to attract a good partner.

    Or is she just in debt and expects to be treated like a princess and live in a mansion etc? If so let her be someone else's problem.

    It's not true that you have no options etc, focus on yourself and try to improve yourself further. There are millions of single women out there. Don't focus on suicidal thoughts or "this miserable existence". These feelings will pass and you will find a way to move on

    • appreciate your response, as of right now I don't have a very good earning potential as I am going back to school. I am an Engineering student, and when I graduate in two years I will be making good enough money to support a family. but as of right now I have two part-time jobs, yet I paid for every date we went, i bought her flowers and other gifts almost every week, i even bought her a laptop. but if she doesn't appreciate those small things I got her despite my financial situation she won't appreciate anything significant as well.

  • Tldr. I dont mean to be a dick but you were with her for three months, its not the end of the world, you barely knew her. Go to the titty bar, have some drinks a d forget about her


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