I miss him but I have to forget him!

So ladies

this guy I've dated he well went to the army or more like boot camp on Tuesday..and he didn't even say goodbye when he left..i found out that he's only 1,5 hours away from the city so that is good..i sms him on Tuesday and he did respond..but he has been so hot ah nd cold me...it seems like he likes me but than it doesn't seem like he does..its the whole "action speaks louder than words" and well the thought of him keeps me awake at night and all that girl stuff...but I don't want to forget him ..i miss him too much..and I do like him a lot...

so should I forget him ?

the only thing is that he didn't give me a closure...would he if he didn't want anything to do with me ? should I keep sms him ? :(


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  • Having no closure is a curse. I know as I speak from experience. Your ex cannot give you closure, since he was the one that left you, without saying goodbye. Closure is something you will have to work on yourself,. the person who is dumped has the hardest task of getting back on their feet then the one who did the dumping.

    I would not text him or call him or see him, unless he makes the move himself. If he wants to be with you, then he will. But it does sound as if he only wants to be friendly and not committed to a relationship.

    What you need to do, is keep busy. Go out with friends, have fun, eat ice cream, take up a new hobby/interest. You will find that once other people are around you and you are busy with doing things then thoughts of him will eventually lessen.

    But be patient with yourself, you won't get closure overnight, it will take time.


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  • He'll have time to write letters. He'll get a break from army boot camp during the holidays unlike the Marine Corps. If he didn't say goodbye, then maybe you're not that important to him.


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  • dont put too much time into thinkin bout him .. just send him a message sayin hope he's doin alright etc and goodluck etc.. and then don't message him after tht 1 text and juss see if he msgs you bak. Don't be too needy. Just act like it doesn't bother you (even tho it does) and juss act like ure alright.
    If he dsnt message tht much oh well if he does then keep continue contact and respond :) xo


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