My ex girlfriend started staring at talking to me. Why?

Been broken up for 5 months. She was the one who broke up with me. We see each other a lot as we go to the same gym.

anyways, she’s been talking to me in person.

it started with a tease where I teased her back.

Next time I see her, she made really small talk with me. And stares.

so, I saw her a few days ago and she talked to me. She was walking away from me and then approached me as we were talking. So I kinda teased her she isn’t allowed to take topless photos of me. She smacks me on my shoulder and walks away and says “one day you’ll grow up”

i dont know if this is good or bad?

I always catch her staring at me with my peripheral

someone give me your thoughts?


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  • Maybe she still likes you, but doesn’t like how you’re childish in her eyes


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