Is it a good thing I want to change my temper since my ex left me?


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  • Yes, it’s better generally not to lose your temper with people, unless they are close family. Otherwise, you just get a bad reputation, and people aren’t going to change just because you get mad at them.


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  • It's good to be a little bad ass. Just don't be a B. The difference is that you can respect a man and not put up when his crap and he'll quickly learn and love you for it. That's called being a little bad ass. However, when you're a B, you're just mean and disrespectful and nobody wants that.

    • Yeah I am a little bad as but I was a bitch. That's why I'm controlling my anger

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    • I think so too. but I wanted to be a seer not doer if you know what I mean

    • Focus on your strengths, ignore your weaknesses.

  • Well, isn't it more important to ask why you want to and how?

    • Yes it is. I hate being a hot head it ruins my relationships

    • Well, personally I think being passionate is a good thing... BUT... Getting worked up over everything is taking on you and them, no? Cooler heads prevail and save a lot of effort and stress.

  • Did you beat him or something?

    • No I just had a hot temper and he had enough of it. We tried to work it out but he said it was too hard

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    • I think I had a fear of being left alone even though he said we would hang out. I also had of fear of being left for somone else

    • ohhhhhhhh. That's tough to over come. But you're making an effort so hopefully you can over come this.

      Good Luck :)

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