Ex dumped me bc she lost feelings but is very sad when someone reminds her of us?

We broke up 1month ago , she lost feelings for me and that wasn't the same as before. I lost feelings for her to bc she wasn't the person I fell in love with 1year ago.

She has a photo of her ex on her facebook acc for 2 years already and when I asked her why doesn't she remove it she told me that its past, that she will remove it if I want so but it doesn't mean anything.

Now , after a month after the brakeup, my female friend showed by accident a photo of me and my ex to my ex , my ex was totally depressed after it and very sad , she told my friend to deletr the picture and dont show it again to her.

This friend told me also that she knows my ex very well and said that the reaction was like " put it away , i dont want to remember things bc I will be sad"

Did her feelings really go away or did she just think they did , and now they are " back" ?



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  • As a girl it’s way harder to move on. She doesn’t want to be reminded of you obviously cause she’s not over you I’m sure she’s still upset over it and might miss you but it’s hard because she knows you don’t belong together.

    • Should I text her as a friend or sth?

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    • How long were you together? What did you fight about? If you think it’s easily fixed, which if it was then I’d assumed it would have been then and there... but otherwise just move on And wait for someone to come along where you don’t fight. That person exists :)

    • We had been together for a year. We had been fighting over that thing that she had lack of interest for anything (not just me but for family and friends too, she started to be like lazy in social life ) and I was frustrated all the time about it and have complained about it etc. When I was in the relationship I thought that the only way that could fix it was a brakeup (a pause) so she could realise that I'm not for granted and she should put more effort in the relationship.

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  • Feelings don't just 'go away ' like people say. They are in a constant state of flux. Just play it by ear.


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