Why is my ex boyfriend a jerk?

He broke up with me saying that his parents arranged a marriage for him and that he will not marry me in the future. It was an ugly break-up... he borrowed money and hasn't returned it back to me. He is not working, as he is pursuing masters degree. All he does is playing dota and mobile legends. We already block each other in any social media so we only text in email regarding the money. However, i feel so upset that he rarely responds to my email. He said that he would return it last week. The money never came. I try to ask him politely, but he only responded one paragraph, not even saying sorry to me that he couldn't transfer. I don't ask anything from him, I only asked him to update me about the money matter... Why is he so annoying?


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  • you probably ain't gettin back any of that money sorry
    He's acting like that cause he has the chance to. He's gonna start a new life anyway so he might as well not care bout what's happened up til now.

    this sounds brusquer than i wanted it to..


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  • He isn't going to return your money. That's why he is doing all this.

  • He used you


    • I don't think so. He was in need of money back then. So i helped him. I cared too much although he was rude to me most of the time. Now that we broke up, i realized he is a jerk. He even started talking to some girls now.

  • and you gave a nigga money, why?

    • I was only trying to help him. Now even after we broke up, he didn't say sorry at all. I started hAting him.

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    • I know it was a bad move. But knowing that he already talked to some chicks and didn't even try to make me less worried (about the money) has made me realize that he is truly a fuckboy! I even regret meeting with him twice irl (LDR). i am here to hear other people's opinions. And thank you...

    • you're welcome

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